Travel information


Auckland is a visitor-friendly city and so you should not have much difficulty getting around. The airport is about 30 minutes from the city.

When you come through customs at the airport, you will see an information desk ahead of you. To go out of the terminal building, turn right and go out through the first exit on your left. You will find three ways of getting to downtown Auckland. On your right are taxis and a super-shuttle service. A little to the left is the stop for the Airport Bus.

Taxi: The fare to the city is around $NZ75
Shuttle: The cost is $33 for one person, but around $10 for the second person in a group
Airport Bus: A return ticket is $26.

The Airport Bus is quite convenient since it is frequent and the drivers are very helpful and announce the stops very clearly. You can pay the driver directly. There are two routes: Mt Eden and Dominion Road. If you are heading downtown, around Queen Street, then either will do. If you want to go to the university, then the Mt Eden route is more convenient. You can see more information here.

Getting to Arts 1

The address of Arts 1 is 14a Symonds Street. It is close to the traffic lights at Symonds Street and Grafton. If you are standing at those lights, then you can see Arts 2. You have to go down a ramp to get to Arts 1, which is set back from the road.

You enter Arts 1 on the 3rd Floor and so you go down one level to find registration and conference rooms.

Getting to Old Government Building

The easiest way to find this building is to take a small path that runs from a street called Waterloo Quadrant. From Arts 1, you would make your way down Symonds Street and turn left at the lights. Walk 100 yards or so and you will the path on your left, which takes to the entrance to the Old Government Building. If you are confident of your sense of direction or map-reading skills, you can take the street underpass outside Arts 1 and head across campus.